Cigars, Bourbon
& Friendship

Let The Conversation Begin


We are about getting  together in conversation over premium cigars and smooth bourbons. We know that the time it takes for a good cigar to burn to the nub, you’ll find a deeper bond with the ones you are with.

Whether by firepit in the backyard, smoking lounge, event, or simple meet-up, there is no better way fellowship. We are about forming bonds that last forever.


Cigar And Bourbon

Premium Cigars

Cigar And Bourbon

Premium cigars are characterized by superiority in taste, aroma, preparation, and overall appearance. Much goes into the creation of a premium cigar to justify its price and reputation. Only the most experienced torcedores are trusted with this process, because only they know how to make the cigar burn smoothly at just the right rate of speed.

Premium cigars are always rolled with long filler is used, which is made exclusively from full-sized leaves that run the entire length of the cigar. These leaves have to be carefully picked and carefully handled. They must be stored impeccably and aged intact. The most important part of this process, in fact, is aging. It is just like fine wine. Fine tobacco needs time to cure and develop truly superb quality.

Our goal is to help you find the cigar that aligns to your taste and drink. If you are a beginner, we’ll help you select a wonderful cigar so you can enjoy every bit of it. If you are a weekly or daily smoker, we’ll look for your input and rating to share with our family.

Smooth-tasting Bourbon

All bourbons are whiskeys, but not all whiskeys are bourbons. Bourbon making can be traced back to the late 18th century, standing as a uniquely American spirit known for quality and craftsmanship. Because of specific and high standards, bourbon tastes different than other whiskies such as Scotch, Irish, Canadian or Tennessee whiskey.

Bourbon must be made in America and predominantly from corn. This makes bourbon unique among all other styles of whiskey. Furthermore, bourbon is never stored in used barrels. New oak barrels age bourbon slowly over time so it garners a deep amber color and rich flavors as it matures. No artificial color or additives are ever added. Enjoy!

Cigar And Bourbon

Why enjoy Cigars and Bourbon?

Two things that spark great conversation can be held in each hand. The magic begins to occur when straight bourbon meets a curling waft of cigar smoke. There has been a continued growth in the enjoyment of cigars and bourbon over the last 20 years, and with that, the growth of events, smoking lounges, and conversations. With continued development of new products and craft products, the categories are expanding and reaching the taste buds of many. 

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